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Safety Practices and Procedures

Substance Abuse Testing-  All employees subject to random testing.  All new hires are tested prior to hiring.   Post accident/incident testing.


Safety Orientation- all employees are required to attend a company safety orientation and pass a subsequent content examination given at the Safety Council.   This orientation has been customized to address concerns and issues that are specific to our projects and our industry.


All projects hold and document safety meetings at least weekly.


Job Safety Analysis (JSA) done and documented daily on all project sites and fabrication facilities.


Project Safety and Administrative Audits conducted on sites by Managers.


Aggressive Risk Management Program

It is the policy of  Louisiana-CSI that all occupational injuries and illnesses can be prevented.


It is the policy of Louisiana-CSI that we all must protect the environment and always work in an “environmentally friendly” manner.


Accident and loss prevention is a line management function and every manager, supervisor, and foreman has direct responsibility for the safety of every employee under his/her direction.


No project or function is more important than the safety and health of our employees.   All employees are instructed no job or function will be done in an unsafe manner.


It is the duty of each employee to conform to all applicable safety and environmental policies, rules and regulations, and to report any unsafe or environmental conditions to their supervisor without hesitation.   Safe work practices and procedures are a condition of employment.


Safety and Environmental training will be continually updated for all employees.


Louisiana-CSI will only work with subcontractors and vendors who share our commitment to providing a safe and environmentally friendly workplace.  


Line management will be required to conduct safety and environmental audits on a routine basis and correct any issues found without hesitation.


All safety and environmental issues will be reported.    All incidents will be investigated utilizing the root cause analysis method.


All meetings, regardless of nature, will begin with a safety and/or environmental topic for discussion.


We are proud to announce that Louisiana CSI, LLC was awarded a  TOP 70 award by our Worker's Compensation Carrier- LWCC. This award is presented to companies that have an excellent safety program, low loss ratio, and a strong management commitment to safety excellence. This award is out of 17,000+ clients that LWCC insures!





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