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  HVAC Sheetmetal Ductwork

Louisiana CSI, LLC sells fabricated duct to commercial and industrial contractors;  from large mechanical to small residential companies. Let us fabricate your ductwork and you do the installation. We can take off your drawings and produce accurate, high quality duct to meet your project specifications and requirements. Specialized fabrication utilizing automated equipment and highly skilled craftsmen can produce duct for your projects with limited lead-time, ready for pick up at our Port Allen fab shop.  Arrangements can be made for shipment of duct to your project location. We offer galvanized, stainless and black iron duct.



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Large Fabrication Facility

Project Execution

Duct Cleanliness Program

Louisiana CSI, LLC is committed to providing quality services and installations for our customers. As part of this initiative we are committed to provide our customers with clean ductwork systems on all of our projects. Cleanliness must be achieved and maintained throughout fabrication, shipping, site storage and installation. The quality and cleanliness of our product is a reflection on our company and thus must be maintained at all times.


In house personnel produce shop drawings in 3D and 2D formats, utilizing the latest in computer technology. Louisiana CSI has been aggressive in employing the latest in Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology in order to work more effectively with the project team when addressing some of the spatial challenges that ductwork can present.  We have found that these technologies also greatly improve field productivity and job quality.


Our Project Managers coordinate the job beginning with the submittal process, through field coordination, procurement, delivery, installation and completion.  We work very closely with project engineers and our customers to insure our projects are of high standards and that all specifications are adhered to on each project.


We operate a Full Sheet Metal Coil Line in our fabrication facility in Port Allen.   We can produce L-Shaped, U-Shaped and Full Wrap Standard Length Duct.   The system has a automated duct liner that applies insulation, adhesive and pins. We can produce TDF or standard slip and drive connections.  All rectangular fittings are also made in our shop.

Louisiana CSI, LLC specializes in commercial HVAC ductwork for Mechanical projects. Our staff and craftsmen have the experience, capabilities and resources to manage routine and very complex ductwork projects. We fabricate and install ductwork to exacting standards; safely, productively and in coordination with all other trades.


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